Sometimes “thank you” is too good not to be shared


We received the following email from a family whom we served in January 2011 out of our Dana Point, California location. It is sometimes hard to know if we are doing too little or too much on services. We so appreciate getting letters like this one…


Hello Crystal,

I am writing to thank your company for the professional, courteous, and respectful service that each of the ship crew provided during the commitment services for my father and grandmother on the morning of January 08, 2011.

Although her name escapes me, I want to express my most heartfelt thanks to the young lady who served as a facilitator on the boat that morning. She was a pleasant and welcome presence, who brought much peace of mind and spirit to us as we prepared for the ceremony. Her ability to establish and carry gentle, at times humorous, and open conversation with people who were still reeling from a loss, as well as her willingness to be so helpful in providing gentle and concise instructions on the commitment ceremony, while preserving respect for the remains of the deceased were very comforting.

I hope that everyone who requires your company’s services has as great an experience as we were so blessed and fortunate to have had.

Thank you, and may God bless you and your staff with all of the good fortune you deserve for providing such great services to those in need.


J. I. B.

(By the way, the facilitator on the service this day was our very own Melissa…)


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