Getting to be that time of year again…

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Celebrating Events Without Our Loved Ones

Holidays and other life celebrations can bring on new waves of grief, even when you feel that your healing has been going well for some time. Now is a good time to prepare yourself. Here are some tips for those enduring grief and for those who want to help.

Face it, don’t fear it or fake it:

  • If you try to push the pain out of the way, by ignoring it, by over-drinking, or otherwise masking it, you will make things worse. Instead, try talking to a close friend or other family member. Voicing your pain gets it out of your head.
  • Create traditions that help you remember your loved one in happy times. Craft projects, digital projects, that utilize photos, videos, and other items are a meaningful and productive way to grieve. This is an especially good idea when assisting children grieve in a healthy way.

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