Flowers Make a Burial at Sea More Special


Rose petals - petaled fresh on the day of the service

We’ve always brought rose petals for our ash scattering services. Without them,  after scattering the ashes,  the family is left staring at just the water. Of course the water is nice,  but when the rose petals are there it really allows for more time and deeper reflection.

We also encourage our families to bring additional flowers. Why?

The more flowers the better

The more flowers there are,  the better the display.

This holds true whether we scatter the ashes by pouring,  or if we use our scattering basket.

Look how one family took their scattering basket to a whole new level by bringing their own flowers and taking part in assembling and designing the basket.


Scattering basket that the family took part in designing.

Each flower had its own special significance.

This shows how much more meaningful a sea service can be when family members take the time to involve themselves deeply in the planning of the service.

Thanks for reading!

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