Is It Legal to Scatter Ashes on Lake Michigan?


The simple answer is “No.”

A newspaper article from 2013 explains:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not allow scattering of cremated ashes on public lands or waterways.

And that includes Lake Michigan, says DNR spokesman William Cosh.

You can find more information about scattering ashes in Michigan by following these links:

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Bud’s Last Fishing Trip


Every once in a while we receive a very specific request. Bud’s final wishes were for his ashes to be scattered at his favorite fishing spot, Alijos Rocks. Alijos Rocks is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of lower Baja California – a several day journey by boat from San Diego, California, our home port. Surely this would be an expensive trip for the family, and not very comfortable. We made a few phone calls, however, and soon Bud was on his way…

It turns out that Bud has gone fishing on a long range fishing vessel departing out of San Diego Harbor – the Red Rooster III. The Charter Master offered to take Bud out on their next trip to Alijos Rocks. He suggested we even send along a photo and they would post it on the information board so that everyone could remember Bud on the trip. They even offered to take a few photos and send them via email when they returned.

The captain, crew, and charter master, Sonny, of the Red Rooster III could not have been more accommodating for this request. We placed Bud’s ashes (cremains) inside a biodegradable urn, gave a laminated photo to the Charter Master, Sonny, and said goodbye to Bud on September 30, 2011 as the Red Rooster III left the dock.

Dorado and Bud

Paying Tribute to Bud via Dorado (Mahi Mahi)

The email we received when the Red Rooster III returned was a great tribute to Bud. We cannot thank the captain, Charter Master, crew, and fishermen on board the trip enough for helping this family fulfill Bud’s last wishes.

Fishing Trip Honors Bud

The Whole Fishing Trip Pays Honor to Bud

Here’s the letter we received from Sonny on the Red Rooster III:

We decided to place Bud’s ashes at the  “23 Fathom Spot”.

Lat: 25 14.2011  Lon: 112 49.0020. 10/3/2011 @ 8am. We all stopped fishing to have a moment of silence for a fellow fisherman named “Bud”. I showed everyone his picture and then told them what an honor it was to help Bud go where the fish were biting. We all knew he was happy at this spot and said good bye. Fishing was epic after the service.(Over 175 yellowtail,20 tuna, and 75 dorado after the service!) We kept his picture in the galley for the day to remind us he was still fishing too. Thanks for letting me be of service. Sonny

No, Sonny, we thank YOU!

Ken & Anya Shortridge
Ashes on the Sea