Is It Legal to Scatter Ashes on Lake Michigan?


The simple answer is “No.”

A newspaper article from 2013 explains:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not allow scattering of cremated ashes on public lands or waterways.

And that includes Lake Michigan, says DNR spokesman William Cosh.

You can find more information about scattering ashes in Michigan by following these links:

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Looking for New Ideas for Biodegradable Urns


We’d like your opinion!

What designs, shapes, etc. do you think families would like in a biodegradable urn?

Our Urn Store – – is developing new designs for biodegradable urns. Bio urns have cremains put in them and then they are placed in the ocean where they float for a brief time, sinking slowly to the bottom…

A biodegradable flower urn – Peaceful Petal


What designs, shapes, etc. do you think families would like?

So far on the idea table we have dolphins, a whale tail, and sports themed.

Your thoughts?

Thank you!


Funeral Directors! Join us for a FREE Cruise on San Diego Bay


Catered event with wine and beer bar.
Aboard our 65′ Yacht


If all goes well, we’ll have a sail-by from the Amazing Grace with a celebratory cannon shoot!

Amazing Grace

1. Call us at 858-277-2799 to register or sign up here:
2. Mark your calendars – May 28th – Wednesday – 6pm – 8pm
3. Download the PDF below:

2014 Bay Cruise Info